March 2014

Time for a Cookie

For a healthful but still satisfying late-afternoon snack, skip the usual suspects from the vending machine in favor of The 4:00 Cookie, a new line of wholesome goodness from owner/creator Debra Holstein of Tarrytown. Holstein’s recipe uses only whole grains, low-glycemic coconut flower sugar, nuts, fruits and dark chocolate to help keep your blood sugar stabilized—and your cravings curbed. At around 200 calories per cookie, it’s a guilt-free indulgence that eliminates midafternoon energy crash!

The 4:00 Cookie comes in six flavors, including Chocolate Macadamia Crunch, Chocolate Cherry, Cranberry Trail Mix and—our editor in chief’s favorite— Fig, Coconut and Dark Chocolate. Get them at The Arcade in Rye (15 Purchase St., 914.305.3891) or visit one of the select retailers throughout Westchester that carry the cookies.

Go to for a list of stores or to order online.


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