April, 2014

4:00 cookies offer low-sugar cookies made for adults. Because happy hour is for snacks too.

4:00 Cookie | Cool Mom Picks

We’re cheering for the women at 4:00 Cookie who developed a line of low-sugar cookies, a.k.a. a healthier version of our favorite treat made just for between-meal snacking. Because let’s face it, 4PM. always seems to kick off the bewitching hours around here. Mine included.

Grabbing something made of white flour and white sugar is generally not the best course of action for energy or nutrition, but this cookie is actually nutritious as far as cookies go. They use only whole grains, oats, flax, nuts, fruit, bittersweet chocolate and coconut sugar in the cookies, which are all low-to-medium on the glycemic index. (Ingredients that qualify as low score 0-55 on the index, as theirs all do.) This means you won’t have a big blood sugar spike after you eat them, followed by a craving spiral that ends with donuts on a corner somewhere.

At under 200 calories apiece, I think these cookies would be perfect to stash in your bag for a quick snack, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without too much damage. It’s not like they’re packed with protein, but they’re a huge improvement over anything you might find in your office snack machine.


Glycemic Index by four o'clock cookies | Cool Mom Picks

As for taste? Delicious and decadent. Flavors with more adult appeal include Fig, Dark Chocolate & Coconut; Cherry, Chocolate & Hazelnut; Cranberry Trail Mix; and Chocolate Macadamia Crunch. There’s even a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie made with organic, gluten-free oat flour and oats.

The company is expanding to offer granola, muffins, and more gluten-free options too, so the bad news is that I have no real excuse to eat the bagels and chips anymore in a moment of low blood sugar desperation. The glass of wine, though? No one’s taking that from me.

You can get the 4:00 Cookies at their online stores, or find them at stores around Westchester County and Connecticut, including a retail store in Rye, NY.



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