Dec 2016

The 4:00 Cookie is a Hit at the Natural Foods Expo

4:00 Cookie was another company I searched for knowing ahead of time they were a “good for you” company. The idea behind their cookie treat, was that when people crave a mid to late afternoon snack it might end up being something unhealthy, like a regular cookie or sweet treat. Owner, Debra Holstein knows that since that might happen, she created a cookie that is super healthy but still tastes like a sweet treat.

Instead of using traditional ingredients, like white flour and sugar. 4:00 cookie uses whole wheat flour, rolled oats, flaxseed and nuts, with a touch of sweetness from coconut flower sugar. These good-for-you ingredients help with a slow release of whole grains and low-glycemic sweeteners, helping to avoid the usual sugar rush with regular sweetness.

If I didn’t know ahead of time these cookies were made with wholesome ingredients, I wouldn’t have known as they taste as if they are a regular sweet treat. 4:00 cookie even offers a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie with 12 flavors total there is something you are sure to like, even the Granola Squares!

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