December 03, 2013

4oclock Cookie:
A Good-For-You Cookie

{By IntoxiKate Contributor Jeanne Muchnick}

Where are you normally at 4oclock? If it’s grabbing a latte and something sweet because your stomach has started rumbling….why not consider a snack that’s been created to curb your cravings? Ever since I tried the 4oclock cookie, I’ve been addicted.

4oclock cookie

These wholesome cookies – packed with slow-absorbing whole grains and low-glycemic coconut flower sugar (as well as nuts, fruits and dark chocolate) — are DESIGNED to stabilize your blood sugar, keeping your energy at an even flow. After all, says owner/creator Debra Holstein, a Tarrytown-based branding consultant: it’s okay to eat that 4:00 snack, but it has to be the right one.  The cookies are available at select gourmet stores in Westchester and Connecticut as well as online and at the company’s new storefront location at 15 Purchase Street on The Arcade in Rye, 914-305-3891.

{IntoxiKate Tip}

Order two boxes online (12 cookies) and get 15% off your order. ( Punch in Code: IntoxiKate

{4oclock cookie, 15 Purchase St., Rye, 915-305-3891,}

4oclock cookie


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