Slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, these delicious (and wholesome) cookies are perfect at 4:00 or anytime.

cherry, dark chocolate & hazelnut

With juicy dried cherries Ė slightly tart, slightly sweet -- crunchy hazelnuts and big dark chocolate chips. A delicious combination.

wild blueberry almond

With yummy baby blueberries (sweetened with apple juice) and sliced toasted almonds for a sweet and nutty crunch.

fig, dark chocolate & coconut

With rich Turkish figs, bittersweet chocolate chips and fresh coconut for an indulgently-delicious treat.

cranberry trail mix

With sweetly-tart dried cranberries, crunchy cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds, itís trail mix in a cookie.

chocolate cherry

With a rich chocolate cocoa base and juicy dried cherries, itís a perfect chocolate-cherry combination.

chocolate macadAmia crunch

With big dark chocolate chips and lots of crunchy macadamia nuts, itís an irresistible cookie.

chewy chocolate chip

With an abundance of rich, dark chocolate chips, it makes a chewy, just-sweet-enough, delicious cookie.

oatmeal raisin

With two types of juicy-sweet California raisins Ė golden and purple -- plus a touch of cinnamon, itís a luscious oatmeal raisin combination.

Organic gluten free chocolate chip

With organic gluten-free oat flour and organic gluten-free oats (no xanthum gum, tapioca starch or potato flour!), itís the best gluten-free cookie youíll ever have.

granola squares

Healthy, bakery-made, clean-ingredient Granola Bars (ours are square!). Perfect for you or the kids whenever that snack craving occurs!

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